$hit We Already Know…

You know the advice that everyone gives you – but you just brush it off?

Yes that’s right – the $h*t we already know. Or so we tell everyone.
At some point – we even advice everyone – even when we don’t practice this ourselves.

Case in point.

My website.

Or rather – what used to be my website.

One fine day – all my sites under Hostgator just went missing.
I tried to get them to restore the backup – only to be told that due to some Innode error – I am not able to get it back online.

So all my content for all my “real estates” just went missing.

I have been spending the past few weeks moping around it. Trying to bury my head in the sand to hopefully forget it ever happened.

Truth is – that won’t happen.

So I decided to just get started with a simple theme while I rebuild my content from scratch.

Sure beats having an empty WordPress site.

The keyword here is traction. As they say $h*t happens.

Embrace it as it comes and make the best of every situation.

Or as the Japs so wisely put it: “Fall Down Seven Times, Stand Up Eight”

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