A Marketer Should Have 9 Lives…

I was just sharing this with my team today.

Remove all the fancy trappings, ninja techniques that comes with marketing.
Take away A-B Testing.
Take away SEO, SEO, CPC – and other 3 letter buzzwords.
Take away copywriting tricks.
Take away sales funnels.

A marketer is a strategic salesperson.
Strategic because as convincing as he is – the marketer is aware of how best to use different channels to multiply his efforts – think door to door Mormons evolving to click bait webinars online.

OK – weird example.

The aim of a marketer is after all to influence, persuade and to illicit an action or thought.
And great writers and speakers also do the same.

It can be to influence someone to start using Macs (trust me – I am trying to be a convert myself – but I still love typing on my Thinkpad), persuading the girl that you are the Alpha Man she should open her legs for, or to get someone to re-think about how much their time is worth and to start ordering food online.

But a marketer is first of all a person who is curious about humans and their idiosyncrasies.
Thus like a curious cat – they should also have 9 lives.

What makes individuals tick?

What are their cognitive bias are?

What is the tipping point for someone to say “Yes” to something?

Where do “Early Adopters” hang out? – Yes I mean you over there who keeps checking on Windows 10 update on your computer

What makes people reluctant to pull the trigger? – Yes, the other camp who still has not clicked on the “Get Windows 10” icon.

Where and how do people place value on items? – The curious case of people complaining that the economy is bad yet still wait in line for the overpriced new iPhone

It’s an interesting brew of both art and science.

Art is making ideas, products and services come alive – hell really good marketers can even make tissue papers the best piece of paper.
Science in having measurable outcomes and perimeters to test against.

And I feel blessed that we live in a digital age where we can track down to the precision of what works and how do we make things better.

With so many data points – we can accurately pin point the exact customers to target.

After all – its all about finding the relevant audience – else it’s as good as selling Windows to a die hard Mac fanatic who is sold on the idea that minor hardware tweaks “changes everything”.

Back to my point.

Whenever I go out – I always observe people, buying patterns, how do people choose items off shopping shelves (do they read the copy? or are they sold with really cool packaging?), what do people talk about, and what their main concerns are.

Simply because – complementing a curious marketer is an entrepreneur – that solves problems for fun and profit.

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