Back From My (Very Distant) Ancestor Land

If you have been curious to static silence.

I have been away for 2 reasons:

1. Started work with a new venture – which is somewhat related to last mile delivery (yeah – I know you are probably rolling your eyes by now.

2. Went to Japan – I believe I have ancestors there. How else can you explain the love affair of tech, kaiju’s, kamen riders, and manga?

The Illusive Mount Fuji

All jokes aside.

Few things I learnt from Japan.

  1. During the cold weather – the best seat in town is the the toilet bowl.
  2. I really should have planned the trip better – there’s just too many things to see and too little time. Probably should have also met up with someone who has been there to give me a better lowdown of the place and things to do / how best to optimize the time there. As a result – some things aren’t optimized as well as it should.
    Don’t get me wrong I did enjoy myself – its just like that itch that you can’t scratch.
  3. People there seem to have pride in whatever they did – no matter how small the task. Its amazing! Imagine the bus driver thanks every passenger as the passenger goes down. That’s something almost unheard of in these parts of Asia.
  4. If you think KL or Singapore is packed with people – wait till you see Japan during peak hour – they even need a “Person Conductor” to manage human traffic! Speaking of which – I really wonder how do they create so many jobs to sustain this!
  5. Akihabara is like my version of Disneyland! Remind me to book an AirBnB there the next time.
  6. 7Eleven is quite a cool place to be in Japan – even a simple onigiri there taste good!
  7. Departmental stores and food markets there – OMG! You can get lost in wanting to try everything there.
  8. Japanese place a huge emphasis on packaging – everything they sell looks premium – with thought put into the whole experience. It’s amazing really how they sell things there.
  9. iPhone is winning the mobile race there. Brands like NEC still exists. Samsung is like an extinct creature. Google phones are also quite popular. People still use flip phones (seriously!)
  10. It gets dark really early – by 4pm – the sun goes down. And most shops close at 8pm!
  11. A good break is sometimes really what is needed. I really needed the “Reset” button to not think about work and things blowing up back home.
  12. Did not spot weird people and did not experience the “Harajuku moment” – then again we arrived at 10pm!


The famous Shibuya crossing / Hachiko Station.
The famous Shibuya crossing / Hachiko Station.


Was a good trip and I will definitely return!

I Cringe Everytime People Ask Me This…

These past few days I have been a busy bee (literally).

I have come out of my narcissistic introverted cocoon to do the mingle.
Networking. Meetups. Social Gatherings.

Call it what you want.

I always get butterflies in my stomach before these events.

I have been told I am good at this.
But honestly I don’t think I can work the room as well as I should.

Being a Type-A (read: kiasu) worthy of a full citizenship in Singapore, I have always wished I could outsource this part of life to a smoother operator.

But just like most good things in life.
If you want to do it right – better do it yourself – and use this as an opportunity to improve myself.

Back to topic. I digress.
I always cringe when people ask me “So What Do You Do?”

This question comes in all shapes and forms:

“Do a quick introduction of yourself”
“What do you do for a day job”
“So how do you pay the bills” – OK so nobody asked that before.

You get the point.

It’s quite hard to actually describe what does a Jack of All Trades do.
Doesn’t really help when you are between jobs and not at liberty to disclose the next coolest thing you want to do to change the universe (at least in my own worldview).

I have always prided myself in having a mixed bag of talents.
As they say in Malaysia – “rojak”

Sometimes I get real lost when people ask me “What exactly do you do?”

There are so many moving parts that make what I do difficult to properly explain.
As much as I like to say I am a Marketer – I also do other miscellaneous stuff in other parts of the business to ensure that the engines are firing in all cylinders.

Honest truth is there are no 2 days that are the same.
And it’s this variety that has always made me enjoy what I do.

I guess plainly put – I solve problems on a daily basis.

In Defense of Rocket Internet

The startup (and startup wannabes) world is divided into three groups.
At least here in Malaysia.

Those who hate Rocket Internet – 70%
Those who tolerate Rocket Internet – 20%
Those who work for Rocket Internet and are not in liberty to say much – 10%

OK – so the percentages may be a bit wayyyy off.

But my point is – there is a lot of Rocket Internet hate.

Some are ex-employees who may have been laid off.
Some are insecure Co-Founders
Others are just arm chair tech hobbyist (yes I use the term hobbyist because they don’t exactly really do much for the industry – kinda like how everyone suddenly becomes Economists when the Ringgit drops another basis point).

Since I have officially left Rocket Internet / foodpanda Рso I am writing this as an impartial party who has worked for them for 3 years (which kinda puts me in a better authority to comment about this versus hobbyists).

As much as I disagree on the way some things are run – lack of culture, pro-European management (being yellow wasn’t easy but hey 3 years – go Sidney!), not perfect products (so where did the money go again?) to name a few things.

I think Rocket Internet has done quite a bit of good that goes un-noticed.

But They Are F**king Clones!

For those not in the know, Rocket Internet brings e-commerce ideas that works in Europe / Western World to Asia (except China and Japan) or to countries with minimal competition to be the “market leader” (since nobody is there or the competition is weak).

Some label them as a “clone factory”

But really – what else is new except for Tesla and Google?

Newsflash – isn’t Facebook actually¬†MySpace and Friendster 2.0
Too far? What about GrabTaxi? Taxi hailing apps aren’t all that new.

But just because it’s local – it’s hailed as a local champion.
This is what the Malays call “Jaguh Kampung” (Villageside Hero).

Heck – don’t go far – look at the so called “tech websites” that we have – are they even original?


And I truly believe that Rocket Internet looks at speed and execution (hmm sounds familiar?) – do a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with minimal cost (EUR vs MYR!) and push the “Co-Founders” / local team to make it successful. If it fails – wrap it up (remember Office Fab, Price Panda, Easy Taxi?) – else pump in huge marketing budget until it becomes the go-to product / service online.

So They Think With All The Cash They Have – They Can Bully The Small Players?

Another argument stems from Rocket having a huge war chest of money to push local / true-blue startups.

Well – have you ever heard of capitalism?

The market rewards the best products and services.
And if one comes with a mentality that money can buy anything – then one should not even be in the startup space.

Because – isn’t that what a startup is all about?

Operating a business in near extreme conditions and going where no corporate has ever (or will ever) go?

That being said – there are multiple Rocket startups that have failed in the battle with local startups.
The answer to this is really execution and coming up with better products / services.

Money buys awareness – but does not buy quality and in most cases agility.
Most Rocket startups have central product teams – with a long list of JIRA tickets.
Where else local startups are small and agile – thus being able to do really cool growth hacking strategies that would fit the local landscape.

In fact – Rocket Internet is doing local startups a favor because awareness and behaviour hacking is very expensive.

3 years ago – nobody would have thought of ordering bubble tea online or buying clothes online.

In fact – they would have said we were crazy to even attempt this.
Awareness will definitely lead to an increase in search volume and SEO if done right – will ensure that you are on the 1st page of Google alongside a Rocket venture.

People are always game to try new things.
Novelty activates endorphines in the brain – so in this regard I think Rocket is actually doing a huge favor.
And c’mon honestly – Rocket’s products aren’t the best – just look around – so I really don’t get why people are getting their panties wrapped up in this.

Why So Many White People?

Racist jokes aside.

Most ventures you will see a lot of expats sitting in the management positions.
You also hear horror stories of these expats not understanding the local market, etc. etc.

To be fair – there is some merit to the argument.
But looking at the greater picture – Rocket provides employment and on ground training to many locals (myself included).

Most of the more entrepreneural ones have gone ahead and started ventures of their own.

The rest?

I have always believed that human potential / assets are like shares.
There is a market value (what you are being paid at the moment) versus a par value (what you are worth based on your experience).

The trick is really to shuffle the deck to your favor.

Learn what you need to learn to increase your par value.
So that when it’s time to “sell” (i.e. move) – you have a much higher par value compared to your peers.

I have seen so many who have been paid really good money in Rocket finding it hard to leave because nobody else in the market is willing to even match the person’s pay – simply because there is a gap between asking price and the par value.

In fact – if you are really entrepreneural – you should capitalize on the situation and be the most valuable employee / entrepreneur employee.
Rocket really celebrates people willing to do more, learn more, and add more value.

I always believe – the individual is in control of his / her career. Not circumstances or the company.

If They Are So Perfect – Why Move On?

Well – I did not mention they were perfect by any stretch of imagination.

Even when they might be ruthless – they are not evil.
And it’s purely business at the end of the day.

I have always believed employees of the future to be “Mercenary Agents”.
Loyalty lasts as far as there is an opportunity to grow and fertile ground to experiment, express yourself and have fun.

And if there is one big thing that Rocket lacks – it’s a right culture.

I hope to inculcate that culture of growth, fun and positivity in my next venture.
If you are already spending 70% – 80% of your time in your job – its best spent doing fun things with people you don’t mind getting stuck in an airplane.

Which – if we were stuck in an airplane and you are going to spend that time bitching about Rocket (and how unfair the world is – well newsflash – nobody said it was going to be fair) – then that person sure isn’t you.