I Cringe Everytime People Ask Me This…

These past few days I have been a busy bee (literally).

I have come out of my narcissistic introverted cocoon to do the mingle.
Networking. Meetups. Social Gatherings.

Call it what you want.

I always get butterflies in my stomach before these events.

I have been told I am good at this.
But honestly I don’t think I can work the room as well as I should.

Being a Type-A (read: kiasu) worthy of a full citizenship in Singapore, I have always wished I could outsource this part of life to a smoother operator.

But just like most good things in life.
If you want to do it right – better do it yourself – and use this as an opportunity to improve myself.

Back to topic. I digress.
I always cringe when people ask me “So What Do You Do?”

This question comes in all shapes and forms:

“Do a quick introduction of yourself”
“What do you do for a day job”
“So how do you pay the bills” – OK so nobody asked that before.

You get the point.

It’s quite hard to actually describe what does a Jack of All Trades do.
Doesn’t really help when you are between jobs and not at liberty to disclose the next coolest thing you want to do to change the universe (at least in my own worldview).

I have always prided myself in having a mixed bag of talents.
As they say in Malaysia – “rojak”

Sometimes I get real lost when people ask me “What exactly do you do?”

There are so many moving parts that make what I do difficult to properly explain.
As much as I like to say I am a Marketer – I also do other miscellaneous stuff in other parts of the business to ensure that the engines are firing in all cylinders.

Honest truth is there are no 2 days that are the same.
And it’s this variety that has always made me enjoy what I do.

I guess plainly put – I solve problems on a daily basis.