The 2 Hidden Currencies

There are 2 hidden currencies that are worth much more than money.

Because come to think of it – you cannot eat money and in different countries for the most part- you can’t port over currencies.
With that logic, why do we value something that has just conceptual value?
Sure we need it to pay the bills – but that’s just an exchange of transaction rather than real value.
If it was real – MYR1 can be used anywhere in the world with the same value as USD1.

Currency. Taken from flickr image -

Currency. Taken from flickr image –

Cryptocurrency is currently the new in thing to “hack the system” – but its use is still not mass yet to make it universal or real in the true sense.

So, what are 2 hidden currencies that everybody has – but has been hidden from plain sight?

Time and Attention.

Looking at the English language – you “spend time” and “pay attention”

Attention and time is universal.
Whatever you spend more time in and pay attention to – becomes your reality.

Want more physical money? – then spend time and pay attention to opportunities out there.
Want better physical health? – spend more time in the gym and pay attention to what you consume.
Want better relationships? – spend more time with your loved ones and pay attention to what they have to say.

I honestly feel that the world is caught up by design to ensuring that individuals spend time and attention on the wrong things.

We spend our time trying to own things that end up owning us.
I remembered buying the Playstation 3 – and ended up spending so much time on the device and paying so much attention on new games coming out.
I ended up spending so much more money on games than actually enriching my own life.

When you stop to ask yourself why the sudden desire
– you find that often its misdirected by the media, by friends (who don’t know any better), by stresses of life (that drives you to want all the wrong things).

Notice – how this relates back to WHO you are paying attention to.

I believe ultimately – everyone wants just one thing: FREEDOM.

May it be financially or any other form.
But it has always been to be free.

We seek freedom in so many forms only to be imprisoned by what we were lead to believe as a path to freedom.

Thus, I have come to realize that we should seek 2 things: TRUTH and FREEDOM.

Freedom cannot come about without Truth.
We have been brought up in society to believe that Truth is difficult and / or subjective.
But rather – its perception of the Truth that is subjective.
Truth is universal.

As long as we exist in this physical world – we are bound by physical and the universal law of nature.
No escaping gravity unless you have an airplane – which is bound by the Law of Lift.

So – who are you paying attention to and what are you spending your time on?

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