Of Shortcuts and U-Turns

Being human we often do what comes most easily to us.
Call it human nature. Call it being lazy. Call it a character flaw.


Just 3 weeks ago I thought of doing just that.

Updating my blog with a book review / read through since I am reading the book / going through the courses in any case.
But unfortunately the direction took a nose dive.


Suddenly I am no longer taking the courses or reading the book as I normally would.
Suddenly reading a book / course is an “event”.

I find this true to when I am working out, meditating and most other habits / rituals in life.
When I make too big a deal out of it – nothing good comes out of it.

I simply drop out of doing it.

Once again – confronted by what seems to be the shortest point between two dots – this turned out to be a dud.

I would still update the blog with my book review but not as a grand big-ass project.