Updates – June to November…

I have been putting this off for the longest time.

Trust me – the action item “blog” has been on my Weekly To Do list for the past few weeks.
Speaking of which – I have re-started to plan my weeks and to some extent my days.
I have been re-imagining my workflow / processes for the past few weeks.
Tweaking and fine tuning how best to optimally live and function – getting past the resistance of action.

So I finally decided to just “finish” all projects that I have been putting off
– and decided either to pick up where I have left off (and finish if possible), set a date to start or just abandon the project altogether.
Its quite liberating to be able to tie up loose ends and pave the way forward.


So just some updates on what has been brewing for the past few months.

I launched honestbee Malaysia, hired the team, set up operations, got the initial setup up and running.
Since then, I have moved over to Singapore – to be an Entrepreneur-In-Residence with Konica Minolta’s Business Innovation Centre.

I have always been curious on what exactly do innovation centres do.
Plus I wanted to expose myself to the B2B aspects of startups.
I currently overlook the F&B, Retail, Travel and Hospitality vertical – widening my previous last mile delivery, food / grocery delivery pigeonhole.

I have always been in consumer facing tech (foodpanda, honestbee and previously with a retail bank – not in tech per say).
I have come to the conclusion that unless you have something very cost effective (read: as close to free) – the mass consumer is too fickle to know what they want – and even when they do – they are not willing to pay a premium for it.

Sure – there’s being back in a corporate job and not being able to pull cowboy feats and asking for forgiveness later.
Sure – I currently don’t have a team to lead and for the most bit I need to swim with the tide to keep afloat.
Sure – I miss the grind of a fast moving environment that’s all about bringing nothing to reality.

But I figured life is a journey of moving from side to side and keeping in a state of motion.
Just like a workout – you need to stretch and tear your muscles to make way for new muscles and more energy.

And I am very sure this will not be permanent.
And I am sure – I am meant for greater, better things.