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Growth Hacking Businesses & Individuals

– Because Face It  – If You Are Not Growing, You Are Dying.

Let’s not kid ourselves here.
It’s everywhere even in nature and Biology (pretty much what I was taught when I was doing my BSc in Biotechnology):


“If You Are Not Growing – You Are Dying. Stagnation is Not an Excuse but a Symptom of Death”




Whether it’s your business, startup or personal life – if you are not growing – physically, mentally, spiritually, or in wealth – you are just a dead man walking. And growth is holistic.
If your growth is lopsided – it’s not sustainable.

I am sure you have heard of the overworked entrepreneur who is piecing together his health (Hello Walrus!) and relationship (she probably sent him a postcard from Tahiti with her last toy boy).

What’s worst – his business isn’t exactly growing the way it should grow.

Extra work and effort does not necessarily mean more success.

The real secret really is identifying and executing strategic leverage points and tactical growth hacks.

Both personally and in your business.
And trust me – it’s not just about the tactical techniques or how to’s …I should know because…

I Was Obsessed With Growth, Marketing & Success Since I Was 11!

I was literally stark raving mad about persuasion, copywriting, growth, and personal improvement
– I gobbled every tip, trick, technique to build a better body, mind, and business.

But these were just techniques. I found that as I executed – they all fell flat.

Simply because they were just techniques rather than a well thought of strategic framework. Because methods and techniques are contextual – there are no one size fits all solutions.

Plus – I found that as I improved one portion of my life – another had to suffer as a result.

“I will go to the gym more once I am successful in my career”
“I will eat better once I have more money to spend on better food”

Sounds familiar?

My life took a turn when I realized that everything is integrated in growth. I took stock and inventory of my life, my beliefs, what I have learnt so far in marketing, personal development, and my own life experience across multiple industries.

Having spent the formative years of my career building things & frameworks from scratch:

I built up the framework for Sustainable Agriculture for a palm oil plantation. I was one of the pioneers in the Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) in Malaysia. I was invited to speak to oil palm planters across the country.

I moved over to Retail Banking under a global management program aimed at building future leaders of the Bank. During my time there I launched new products, improved processes, drove nationwide campaigns and got to work with the best of the best in the industry both locally and internationally.



After 3 years in the Bank – I moved to Rocket Internet as a pioneer Entrepreneur-in-Residence for the foodpanda venture in Malaysia. Starting with no website, no applications and no restaurants to the current largest food delivery marketplace in Malaysia. I specialize in marketing, growth hacking, business development and partnerships.


rocket portfolio


Unlike Other Growth Hackers – I Have Been In the Grind

I understand the sleepless hours you go through to ensure everyone gets paid and your default lunch isn’t instant noodles.



For startup’s – I know that it’s sometimes very lonely where you are – you have investors to please, operations that running on temporary fixes and websites / apps that are still on perpetual beta due to the occasional bugs (and it’s been 3 years now!)

For SME’s – I know how is it like feeling that your business can grow much more and sometimes it feels that your current business operations is operating on the definition of insanity – doing the same things but expecting different results

I have been in the trenches, have my fair share of war wounds and am more than happy to cut your learning curve by half by sharing mistakes I have made, things I could have done better and more importantly provide contextual solutions to problems you currently face.


My Cameo Appearances & Stuff I Do On The Side

I have been featured on radio, TV, newspapers and magazines. I have been recognized as Prestige Magazine’s Top 40 Under 40 (2012), New Man’s magazine’s Creative Pioneer Award nominees among others.

In my spare time – I run a Web Development Agency, Gap Bridge Marketing – where I bridge the gap between businesses and their online needs.

I am also currently working on building up a boutique growth hacking agency, Gwth.co helping SME’s and startup’s on marketing and growth hacking.

For the rest of the remaining time that I have – I spend on reading, geeking out on personal development & technology, working out, meditating & writing.

I am also an (irregular) contributor on Medium.


Feel that you know me better than my childhood friends?

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