Updates – June to November…

I have been putting this off for the longest time.

Trust me – the action item “blog” has been on my Weekly To Do list for the past few weeks.
Speaking of which – I have re-started to plan my weeks and to some extent my days.
I have been re-imagining my workflow / processes for the past few weeks.
Tweaking and fine tuning how best to optimally live and function – getting past the resistance of action.

So I finally decided to just “finish” all projects that I have been putting off
– and decided either to pick up where I have left off (and finish if possible), set a date to start or just abandon the project altogether.
Its quite liberating to be able to tie up loose ends and pave the way forward.


So just some updates on what has been brewing for the past few months.

I launched honestbee Malaysia, hired the team, set up operations, got the initial setup up and running.
Since then, I have moved over to Singapore – to be an Entrepreneur-In-Residence with Konica Minolta’s Business Innovation Centre.

I have always been curious on what exactly do innovation centres do.
Plus I wanted to expose myself to the B2B aspects of startups.
I currently overlook the F&B, Retail, Travel and Hospitality vertical – widening my previous last mile delivery, food / grocery delivery pigeonhole.

I have always been in consumer facing tech (foodpanda, honestbee and previously with a retail bank – not in tech per say).
I have come to the conclusion that unless you have something very cost effective (read: as close to free) – the mass consumer is too fickle to know what they want – and even when they do – they are not willing to pay a premium for it.

Sure – there’s being back in a corporate job and not being able to pull cowboy feats and asking for forgiveness later.
Sure – I currently don’t have a team to lead and for the most bit I need to swim with the tide to keep afloat.
Sure – I miss the grind of a fast moving environment that’s all about bringing nothing to reality.

But I figured life is a journey of moving from side to side and keeping in a state of motion.
Just like a workout – you need to stretch and tear your muscles to make way for new muscles and more energy.

And I am very sure this will not be permanent.
And I am sure – I am meant for greater, better things.

Where Is This Blog Heading To?

I believe its true when they say good writing is a function of clear thinking.
I have been mulling about on the best way to structure my current blog / content.
Do I go more personal? Or maybe a bit more on my interests? Or just pure marketing / startup related content?I think it’s both the misgiving of my part of not being able to pen my thoughts in a linear / concise fashion and also not wanting to give too many comments on some of the things I see / do due to private and professional reasons. Call me chicken shit. I don’t care. LOL.I have also been looking to explore different mediums including Medium and YouTube.
I might consider doing videos instead of writing as I have been told I have the gift of the gap. Go figure.I have recently been playing about with Snapchat – if you are there do add me up, my UserID is sidneyng.

Speaking of communications – I have come to believe that everything we do – how we communicate, what we do everyday, what we create is really just an extension of ourselves and our reality.




Sounds very meta and out there. I know. But bear with me for a bit.

But back to marketing and startups:.
I would like to think that your product / service / solution is there to make the world a better place.

And a job of the marketer is to paint that ideal world scenario picture and how using the product or service – your reality and worldview will change for the better.
I digress.
So – I decided to use my blog primarily to document what I read / learn from sites / blogs related to marketing / startups etc.
I will put in my own comments and thoughts in the post as well.
This is a 2 prong approach to keep myself accountable to finish books (or at least learn what I need to) and to share what I learn / my thoughts to the three of you who come to my blog.
It’s a book review + commentary + self accountability tool. I tried Goodreads – which just made me end up buying more unread books.
Just a note: I read a few books at once. – For variety and to deal with ADHD. sic.
These posts will be “live” posts – I will constantly update as and when I read.
I will do summaries of 5 key take-aways (or more) and put them on Medium.
Let’s see where do we go from here.
Here’s to starting the middle of the year as a Creator 😉

New Year & A Thousand Appologies

2015 just flew by without even batting an eyelid.

As much as I wished I spent the eve of New Year hailing UFO’s with a lighter – it has been a very mellow end to such an eventful year.
2016 was pretty much a rush of new challenges and a sudden torrental rush of getting things done.

Thus the neglected blog.

With that – I am truly sorry – but I promise to make it up for the next few weeks with good content.

Five quick reflections from the missing weeks:

  1. Everybody is human. The more you understand that and take on more perspectives and point of views – life gets a bit easier to get by. By identifying frameworks of the different perceptions of the truth
  2. Living in fear of change, bolder visions and even the past is a very “heavy” burden to carry – there is a feeling of “lightness” vs “heaviness” – and the distinctions are quite telling.
  3. Truth is absolute – perspectives / interpretation of the truth is relative – but we often confuse the two. Either by thinking we can bend the truth to our wills or that truth is something we will never know.
  4. Chlorophyll is really amazing. Been drinking it consistently for the past week – it really helps me regulate my sleep patterns, bowel movement and even to a certain extent diet- I find myself no longer craving for fried and savory foods.
  5. The fine balance of letting go and being rigid – still trying to grapple with that.



Back From My (Very Distant) Ancestor Land

If you have been curious to static silence.

I have been away for 2 reasons:

1. Started work with a new venture – which is somewhat related to last mile delivery (yeah – I know you are probably rolling your eyes by now.

2. Went to Japan – I believe I have ancestors there. How else can you explain the love affair of tech, kaiju’s, kamen riders, and manga?

The Illusive Mount Fuji

All jokes aside.

Few things I learnt from Japan.

  1. During the cold weather – the best seat in town is the the toilet bowl.
  2. I really should have planned the trip better – there’s just too many things to see and too little time. Probably should have also met up with someone who has been there to give me a better lowdown of the place and things to do / how best to optimize the time there. As a result – some things aren’t optimized as well as it should.
    Don’t get me wrong I did enjoy myself – its just like that itch that you can’t scratch.
  3. People there seem to have pride in whatever they did – no matter how small the task. Its amazing! Imagine the bus driver thanks every passenger as the passenger goes down. That’s something almost unheard of in these parts of Asia.
  4. If you think KL or Singapore is packed with people – wait till you see Japan during peak hour – they even need a “Person Conductor” to manage human traffic! Speaking of which – I really wonder how do they create so many jobs to sustain this!
  5. Akihabara is like my version of Disneyland! Remind me to book an AirBnB there the next time.
  6. 7Eleven is quite a cool place to be in Japan – even a simple onigiri there taste good!
  7. Departmental stores and food markets there – OMG! You can get lost in wanting to try everything there.
  8. Japanese place a huge emphasis on packaging – everything they sell looks premium – with thought put into the whole experience. It’s amazing really how they sell things there.
  9. iPhone is winning the mobile race there. Brands like NEC still exists. Samsung is like an extinct creature. Google phones are also quite popular. People still use flip phones (seriously!)
  10. It gets dark really early – by 4pm – the sun goes down. And most shops close at 8pm!
  11. A good break is sometimes really what is needed. I really needed the “Reset” button to not think about work and things blowing up back home.
  12. Did not spot weird people and did not experience the “Harajuku moment” – then again we arrived at 10pm!


The famous Shibuya crossing / Hachiko Station.

The famous Shibuya crossing / Hachiko Station.


Was a good trip and I will definitely return!

$hit We Already Know…

You know the advice that everyone gives you – but you just brush it off?

Yes that’s right – the $h*t we already know. Or so we tell everyone.
At some point – we even advice everyone – even when we don’t practice this ourselves.

Case in point.

My website.

Or rather – what used to be my website.

One fine day – all my sites under Hostgator just went missing.
I tried to get them to restore the backup – only to be told that due to some Innode error – I am not able to get it back online.

So all my content for all my “real estates” just went missing.

I have been spending the past few weeks moping around it. Trying to bury my head in the sand to hopefully forget it ever happened.

Truth is – that won’t happen.

So I decided to just get started with a simple theme while I rebuild my content from scratch.

Sure beats having an empty WordPress site.

The keyword here is traction. As they say $h*t happens.

Embrace it as it comes and make the best of every situation.

Or as the Japs so wisely put it: “Fall Down Seven Times, Stand Up Eight”